Flexible Planned Giving

Invest2Donate has developed a new way of giving…Flexible Planned Giving…as an alternative to the traditional fundraising channel based around expensive cold-calling campaigns. And it is marketing that new concept initially via the Financial Services Community, to self-funded retirees…both adviser-assisted and DIY investors. Its founder is a retired financial planner with a passion and focus on helping the Financial sector take the lead in this philanthropic initiative. Beyond that, Flexible Planned Giving has broader appeal and can resonate with all donors beyond just retirees.

GiveNow has the platform through which this new concept of giving can be implemented. As part of the Our Community Group, its costs are funded by the Our Community Foundation.

You could say Invest2Donate explains and markets this smarter, better way to give, and GiveNow is the engine that drives it forward using its proven platform.
It’s a combination that can offer donors a smarter way to give, where every dollar donated is a dollar retained and put to work by the charities and causes, while all the donor’s admin is taken care of. And it’s a combination that offers charities and causes a better way to access more regular monthly donations.