We are introducing Flexible Planned Giving initially to donors through their advisers, because we believe it will benefit advisers as much as their clients. Here’s why:

  1. It helps advisers add value by helping remove some “pain points” for donors, and thereby, help deepen the adviser-client relationship.
  2. It requires little time and risk on adviser’s part, only a referral to an impartial specialist that can help clients navigate a safe passage through the giving maze.
  3. It allows advisers to assist in areas the client sees as important.
  4. Philanthropy is growing in importance to clients and Flexible Planned Giving creates a new and better giving framework for clients.
  5. It helps advisers distinguish themselves and create that all-important “dinner party talk” that often generates referrals.


Invest2Donate has an idea that will change the way people give to charity.


High-Net-Worth clients ( i.e. $2m + of investable assets)


  • Are overwhelmed by the number of charities and frustrated with the existing system of continual asking for donations;
  • Want to have high-impact when giving and are unhappy with the high costs involved in existing “cold call” fundraising (on average … 40% of donations).


The idea

Is a DONATION PLANNER TOOL that helps donors plan ahead and give regularly and even facilitate help to select good charities


Advisors can introduce to clients through a simple referral to Invest2Donate, or its associated specialists 


The existing giving environment that can pressure instant decisions & involve high costs

The solution is called Flexible Planned Giving, and the Invest2Donate website has clear information & resources clients can use to improve their giving.

Below you can explore:



Who’s Funding INVEST2DONATE, and is there any profit to anyone?

INVEST2DONATE is fully funded from private and corporate sponsorship primarily from the Financial Services Sector.

It is a non-profit and there is no profit for any person or entity.

What Exactly is Required of me?

INVEST2DONATE not only makes it easy for donors, but also makes it easy for Advisers. Adding to the already high pressure and workload of modern-day adviser is not an option. We aim to provide all the information you or your client might need about us and our concept on our website. You need merely be aware of us, our concept and our website so, as appropriate, you can refer your clients to specialists in the Flexible Planned Giving concept. It is easy to grasp, straightforward and fully transparent. Also, our website has a separate section for Advisers containing answers to commonly asked questions.

What support and resources are available for me?

Our website contains:

  • a full explanation of this new way of giving;
  • FAQs for both Advisers and Donors;
  • Our Flexible Planned Giving Guide;
  • Our Donation Planner Tool that makes Flexible Planned Giving easy;
  • Help to convey the concept to your clients.

Which clients should Flexible Planned Giving be introduced to...and how?

The ADVISER section of our website contains information that may assist in identifying the right types of clients, and ways of introducing Flexible Planned Giving as part of reviews and conversations with clients in a safe, non-threatening way.

What Risks are there to Advisers and am I subject to any regulatory requirements?

Advisers are not exposed to any additional risks from referring clients to INVEST2DONATE. Advisers are not recommending any specific charity or cause…this choice is fully that of the client (but INVEST2DONATE, through its association with ChangePath, can assist clients in this regard). Any referral to INVEST2DONATE is arms-length and carries with it no representations. It is akin to a referral to a lawyer, accountant, or any other third party or specialist services.

How is Flexible Planned Giving positioned as part of my Client Value Proposition?

Solving a problem for clients is always a value-add. Many are frustrated by the frequency of direct marketing when it comes to donating. When they learn the massive costs of this it creates a big problem for them, and one, up to now, has had no easy solution.  Flexible Planned Giving adds value to your clients by supporting their giving decision so that it can have the greatest possible impact and also deepen your relationship. Being well equipped to assist clients with charitable giving will create the opportunity for value-based discussions on areas the clients see as important.

Philanthropy is growing in importance to clients and is growing in importance as a metric for advisors.

Am I able to charge clients for my role in assisting them?

As always, charging a client for services you provide is completely a matter for you. But it is anticipated that if an adviser simply makes clients aware of the concept and introduces them to our Donation Planner Tool and website, this will generally be provided as part of the overall on-going service in place.

How is the Flexible Planned Giving concept likely to help grow adviser’s business?

Advisers are positioned as the “hero” …being first to introduce Flexible Planned Giving. Planning donations is a part of planning finances generally.

It is a simple but positive initiative that is likely to generate considerable goodwill between adviser and client, deepen the relationship and may lead to further client referrals. It is also just another way the adviser adds value as part of an existing on-going retainer relationship.